We have weekly meetings and work through the design together.
[During COVID virtual meetings are held.]

This allows clients time to digest the information we cover and to have a greater understanding of their project and why we are making certain decisions.

Clients have weekly ‘homework’ to find the items that will be implemented in their project.  At our meetings we have the opportunity to review these selections and receive guidance as needed.  Items are implemented into the design and reviewed at subsequent meetings.  

Each Client has their own aesthetic.  I am not a ‘Style Dictator, but rather a facilitator to ensure that your aesthetic is consistently implemented.  I will help guide you through decisions that reinforce how you want your project to look.  That is balanced by making sure the functionality of the project is not compromised by aesthetic decisions.

We explore design options until we reach a design solution that satisfies each clients individual needs.  Building Information Software is used to visualize the project and to create the documentation required for construction.  This ensures accuracy in both the design and implementation by the General Contractor.

If construction Administration Services are desired there are weekly site visits and contact with the General Contractor to monitor their progress to ensure that the project is being built as documented.